DIY Conspiracy Vol.9: The Cold Sounds of Eastern Europe

Put on your black sails and follow in the footsteps of the Vistula Veneti all the way down to Cape Tainaron with DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol.9!

Volume 9 of DIY Conspiracy’s international punk compilation is infected with a (strange) case of Balkan terminal spirit disease.

Some people like to wake up early and watch the sunrise above the Black Sea every morning, while others prefer to watch it drown in shades of blood in the Ionian Pelagos. It doesn’t matter, because one day you will die regardless if you prefer to dance in a fustanella or while wearing benevretsi. So the best thing you can do is leave some good music for the nice people who will go scavenging through your abandoned belongings and hope that the Balkan nation state will die before you do.

DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 9


This time around DIY Conspiracy climbs Korab mountain in order to bring you some taped solace. Fifteen different DIY bands, fifteen great songs, starting with the Pelagonian melancholy of Bitola’s H:N:C and Attica’s lords of post-punk Cold I.

Continuing with a slight glimpse of optimism from Belgrade’s Roza and the unreleased song “Гибел” by Varna’s and Mr. Manolchev’s Никога Преди Смъртта Не Гледам Миражи За Успокоение. Tasos Stamou serves you a tear of “Taki’s sorrow”, while Veles bleeds in Skopje through Todor Karakolev and in Bristol through the psychedelic pop of Dequincey.

Side B features the New Romantic sounds of Tarpon Springs’s own Prince Midnight and his skull-guitar made from the remains of our undead Salonikean cousin Filip. Sofia’s Shadow Box and SNAKEATSNAKE pass the bloodied torch back to Athens and the dark post-punk of ghostland and The Man & His Failures. Katowice’s new hope KSY build “Barycady”, while Lodz’s legends Wieze Fabryk break down the walls. Just like everything else on this peninsula Vol. 9 ends in tears by the Black Drim with the darkwave giants from Struga: Telo-nauka Sovršena.

Love your punk brethren, borders have always been obsolete here!

Tracklist curated by Filip S. Filipov (Voyvoda), artwork by Joao Kolera (@joao.kolera). Songs remastered and released on tape by Kontingent Records.

We are still looking for bands for the upcoming releases by the end of the year. If you play in a band and have a new material to share—don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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