The Screamo Tape: DIY Conspiracy Vol.8

15 screamo bands from around the world provide a sampling of screamo's global smorgasbord.

Whether you call it screamo, skramz or something else, ’90s emo’s slightly more brutish and intense outgrowth continues to thrive in DIY hardcore punk scenes all around the world.

We can’t say for sure how many people our age have heard about bands like Saetia, Orchid or Jeromes Dream for a first time by listening to these bootleg digital compilations on Soulseek called Death To False Screamo, or found their way through bands like Raein, La Quiere, Daïtro, Shikari, Suis La Lune, Louise Cyphre, June Paik, Cease Upon The Capitol, etc. from React With Protest’s brilliant compilations like Emo Armageddon  (2005), Emo Apocalypse (2006) and Emo Annihilation (2008). There might be no longer such influential names as there used be, but it’s evident that the sound is still evolving to this day with screamo bands still receiving the occasional mention on bigger platforms, and there’s definitely a lot going on in this scene on a global level.

Ever since we launched our compilations series in the beginning of 2021, we were rock solid sure to dedicate a space for international screamo and screamo-adjacent bands on one of our samplers.

DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 8


This new compilation tape features 15 bands from various places that don’t usually get enough recognition compared to the more established scenes in North America and Western Europe.

The tape begins with an excellent screamo delivery from Malang, Indonesia’s Hallam Foe, and continues with the uptight and melodic emo of Russia’s Летние войны, Colombia’s best kept secret Vientre and Ukrainians janpalach. There are two Turkish bands which recently have been making waves in the global screamo community—Istanbul’s Jornada del Muerto and Ria. The Balkan connection gets stronger with Serbia’s eaglehaslanded and an exclusive debut song from Sofia, Bulgaria’s youngsters Пустота. South America is represented by Argentina’s mis sueños son de tu adiós and Chile’s ferocious emo-violence Mirin Bide. You can also hear great tracks from France’s Coven, Finland’s newcomers Letterbombs, Canada’s Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow, Richmond, Virginia’s Apostles of Eris, and the genre-defying doom-sludge-screamo darkness of Aerosol Jesus from the UK.

Tracklist curated by Mittens XVX, artwork by Valeria Calossi (@vale_artwork). Songs remastered and released on tape by Kontingent Records.

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