We Are All Doomed: DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol.5 Out Now!

Enter the realm of sludge, doom and noise rock.

Another month, another DIY Conspiracy compilation of amazing plays. Don’t be confused there’s only eight bands this time—it’s actually the longest in length we’ve released so far!

This fifth tape in the series is dedicated to the loving memory of Boris “Brodnik” Nikolov, a talented filmmaker and singer of Bulgarian doom metal band Upyr, as well as an influential figure in the local hardcore punk scene with his band Melekh. Brodnik passed away in November 2017 of cancer, leaving a huge void for his family and friends everywhere.

DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 5


In this new DIY Conspiracy compilation tape, we have eight bands stylistically residing around the genres of sludge, doom and noise rock.

Curated by Ivan Shentov of Kontingent Records, the compilation starts with an exclusive new track of his band Feedbacker called “Багаж”, along with tracks from tour and label buddies Gynoid and Calf from Greece. There are also two Italian noise rock bands Buzzøøko and Demikhov, plus our good friends No Sanctuary from the Basque country and the sonic chaos of NAW from Atlanta in the US.

The grand finale is reserved for Bulgarian doom legends Upyr with their last ever recorded track “Snakes Amongst Ruins”. Huge thanks to Emo and Assen for letting us immortalize this song on a physical release. Brodnik lives!

How to Get The Compilation… + Zine?


The compilation is available as a digital stream & download for all our Patreon supporters. Physical copies are available for a higher-tier Patreon support pledge ($15 with free shipping).

A limited amount of copies are available from Kontingent Records. For people in Bulgaria, the compilation may also come in bundle with the first issue of Светло бъдеще fanzine, featuring an extensive interview with Feedbacker.

Compilation tape + zine will be available at the Feedbacker gig on June 13 at Fabrika Avtonomia social center in Sofia. Any remaining copies after the show, if any, will be available from DIY Conspiracy.

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This compilation tape was curated by Shentov, artwork by Georgi Ivanov (@bai_dracula). Songs remastered and released on tape by Kontingent Records. Bands, get in touch if you want to participate in one of the remaining compilation tapes.

We are still looking for bands for DIY Conspiracy Vol.6 coming at the beginning of July. Powerviolence, fastcore, grindcore bands are welcome. Stay tuned & defend DIY punk!

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