Out Now: DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol.4

14 tracks across different genres featured on our April's compilation tape, dedicated to the loving memory of Wojtas (Homomilitia).

Compilation tapes played a historically significant role in establishing the hardcore punk & DIY music communities across the globe. In a time of Spotify playlists and an ever more aggressive promotion of new music online, we’ve decided to celebrate the old cassette tape format in all its glory by releasing 12 compilation tapes with underground bands from all over the world.

Since the beginning of this year, we’ve released four compilations with 64 different bands in total. Does anyone still think there is no hardcore punk in 2021?


This fourth tape in the series—illustrated by queer artist nada.ree—is dedicated to the loving memory of Wojciech “Wojtas” Krawczyk, the influential singer of the ’90s Łódź based crust / queercore band Homomilitia. Wojtas passed away on March 20th, 2021, from COVID-19 complications, leaving a huge void for the hardcore punk scene in Poland and elsewhere.

Wojtas was among the most important and beloved individuals for the whole DIY scene in Poland. From the very beginning, Wojtas, together with Homomilitia, was a loud voice against sexism, homophobia and transphobia in the conservative Polish society and within the local hardcore punk scene.

Since the early 90s, Wojtas has changed the hearts and minds of thousands of people. His dedication and positive attitude have paved the way for so many anarcha-feminist, queer and youth projects to arise. May your soul rest in peace & anarchy. This tape is for you, Wojti!

DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 4


In this new DIY Conspiracy compilation tape, we have 14 bands across various genres and places like Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Indonesia, United States and the UK.

Like all our comps before, we stick to the formula of providing around 20 minutes of music on each side of the tape, ranging from classic d-beat, anarcho-punk, sludge and powerviolence to post-hardcore, folk punk and even hip-hop.

We don’t have any exclusive tracks this time, but we’re absolutely thrilled to feature friends like Orphanage Named Earth from Poland (close friends of Wojtas), Efa Supertramp from the UK, anarcho-rap combo Drowning Dog & Malatesta, and collaborate once again with Queers To The Front who have provided us with the GILT track on this compilation.

This compilation tape was curated by Mittens XVX, artwork by nade.ree (@nada.ree). Songs remastered and released on tape by Kontingent Records. Bands, get in touch if you want to participate in one of the remaining compilation tapes.

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