DIY Conspiracy Vol.12: Get Our Final Compilation Tape of 2021!

War//Plague, Misery, Extinction of Mankind, Totalitär, and more featured.

Hooray! We’ve traversed another year around the sun!

It’s been a wild one.

Full of struggles and uncertainty, but also so much cathartic music and creativity spawning from the DIY punk community to keep us sane and inspired…

2021 was a big year for DIY Conspiracy’s webzine: passionate new authors and contributors joined our devoted family, and together we wrote almost 80 new reviews of noteworthy records & zines, interviewed 25 bands, artists and zinesters, published tens of exclusive streams and premieres, dedicated the whole month of July to printed zines, and printed a fanzine ourselves around the topic of straight edge and its 40 year anniversary, among many other features.

We also released 12 compilation tapes with 191 bands in total this year, and as you can guess, this post is about the last one!

DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 12


In this last tape, we’re putting an end to an exciting year with 17 bands leading the charge with classic crust punk, corrosive raw punk & d-beat, inspiring anarcho-punk, and a splice of melodic punk rock tunes and revolutionary hip-hop beats.

You’ll recognize legendary names such as Mankind?, Misery, Extinction of Mankind, and Totalitär, along with newer and upcoming bands from all around the world. Stand out amongst the pack are also War//Plague, Stalled Minds, Going Away Party, Catisfaction, Битов Терор (Bitov Terror), Agasia, Neuf Volts, Krav Boca, Manestra, Disulfiram, Game Changer, Rugged, and LMF aka Le Monde est en Flammes. Artwork by Volodea Biri (@grvdwllr).

Enjoy a safe and happy new year, co-conspirators & network of friends! See you in 2022.

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