Special Announcement: DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol.1

17 bands featured on our first compilation tape! Subscribe to get a new mixtape every month in 2021.

Today we are proud to announce our first compilation tape as a way to both give something tangible back to our supporters and shed light on the plethora of international DIY bands that live and breathe making the hardcore punk scene a strong community based on equality, mutual respect, creativity and resistance.


Why make a mixtape?

DIY Conspiracy webzine launched back in 2005.

Since then we’ve been tirelessly working to represent punk-rock’s creative and community-based values with a strong focus on its radical politics & DIY ethics.

To this date, we have 400+ reviews, 100+ interviews, scene reports, long-form articles, columns and archival work documenting, appraising, describing and digitizing DIY hardcore punk & metal community’s history and present.

As the site continues to grow in traffic and popularity, we also have an ever-growing cost of maintaining it. This includes a managed VPS hosting plan (as opposed to the cheap shared hosting in its early days), paid firewall for better security, and a monthly CDN bandwidth to make sure the site loads as fast as possible wherever you are in the world. Currently, it amounts to around $150 a month.

Two years ago we decided to launch a Patreon as a way for you to help fund our site! And now we came up with a bold idea to raise precious funds in uncertain times, which involves even more time and dedication from our side to turn it into reality.


DIY Conspiracy Mixtape Vol. 1

In this first compilation tape, we’ve combined 17 bands across different strains of hardcore and punk. It’s 40 minutes of great DIY music ranging from classic hardcore sound to powerviolence, grindcore, and post-punk. All these bands are our friends, who continue to care about the punk spirit amidst a pandemic, political turmoil and canceled tours worldwide.

The tape is available to digitally stream & download for all our Patreon supporters. We’ll also produce 50 physical copies, which a lucky few can get with a higher-tier Patreon support pledge (with free shipping).

Subscribe & get your tape from Patreon!

The good news? This is not just a one-off compilation, but the first of a series of twelve. A new comp tape will come out each month in 2021, and with your Patreon support, you will receive all of them as soon as they are released.

$1 Support Tier:

  • Digital stream & download of the Vol. 1 – Vol. 12 compilations.

$5 Support Tier: 

  • Digital stream & download of the Vol. 1 – Vol. 12 compilations. 
  • A small mystery box with stuff coming to your home address with the release of the final tape in December.

$15 Support Tier: 

  • Digital stream & download of the Vol. 1 – Vol. 12 compilations. 
  • Physical copies of each tape with free worldwide shipping wherever you are.* 
  • A mystery box coming to you with the final tape in December.
Special note: A very limited amount of tapes will be available from Kontingent Records for those of you who have their own reasons not to give their money through corporations like Patreon.

*For supporters outside of the EU, we might group mixtapes into fewer shipments depending on the shipping cost. For example, three tapes coming at the beginning of April.

Bands, get in touch if you want to participate in one of our next compilations. Visual artists and illustrators, also get in touch if you want to create the artwork for one of the next comps.

This first compilation was curated by Mittens XVX, artwork by Volodea Biri (@grvdwllr). Songs remastered for the comp and released on tape by Kontingent Records.

Up the punx! Up the punx! Up the punx!

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