Die Wrecked – Mongrel Hordes

Artist: Die Wrecked

Title: Mongrel Hordes

Release: CD / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: Die Rex, Mass Prod.

Die Wrecked are a punk trio from Leicester, UK, who bring forth their brand of street punk crossed with UK82 vibe. Here we have dueling male and female vocals over fast and pissed off punk chords that remind me of bands like The Restarts or Kismet HC. The songs deal exclusively with British politics giving the ruling classes, bigots and all kind of fascists their just desserts. They also want to make sure about their clearly antifascist stance with the song “Get Off The Fence” dealing with the so called fence-sitters:

“Just focus on consuming beers. Nothing to spoil your quiet life. Pretend the xenophobes aren’t rife. That bootboy, bonehead, national pride, small mindedness hardly disguised. Their sexism, their racism. Lips sealed you’re dumb. No Grey zone. No grey zone in punk.”

The cover artwork is totally generic but what’s the most interesting is the lyrics sheet that contains translations to each of the 10 songs into a different language. The opening track “Middle Class Hypocrisy” is translated into Polish by no one else but Nika, the singer of legendary band Post Regiment. Other languages include French, Russian, Greek, Gaelic, Indonesian, Latvian, Hebrew, Spanish and fucking Chinese!

This is some fun, bare bones UK punk rock. Lined with political lyrics, no frills and no overproduced fashion rags.

Mittens XVX

Positive person bringing a small fragment of warmth and light in a dark and cold world. Editor of Tigersuit Zine. Founder of DIY Conspiracy webzine. Contact him at: mitkoxvx@gmail.com