Detractors – S/T EP

Fantastic burning spirits influenced tracks from this Minneapolis band.

detractors-stArtist: Detractors

Title: Self-Titled

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Desolate Records

The Twin Cities area, notorious for its brutal winters, has sprung some of the most ground-breaking bands and vibrant underground punk communities in the States.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Detractors are neither a metallic crust machine in the veins of Misery nor as aggressive and blown out as Destroy, but they know how to play some completely unchained, thrashing punk so damn well. Their self-titled EP was recently released on tape and I really want to make some positive noise about it.

The guitar riffs are fast and hard, the vocals are loud and clear, and the whole record just swirls in all directions. Besides the fact they are doing their own thing so I don’t want to lump these guys with any other contemporary punk bands out there, it’s also evident that they are seriously paying homage to Japanese ‘burning spirits’ sound.

But this should not surprise you at all when it comes to Desolate Records.

This totally dedicated DIY label based out of Minneapolis has a knack on Japanese hardcore punk. They are true to the game not only releasing OG classics (Tetsu Arrey, Death Side, Warhead, etc.) but also giving a platform for more recent bands from far and wide who kick ass in 2020. Apparently, there are still some fantastic new bands like Detractors to play this type of thing with an excellent precision while adding their own flavor.

Detractors are fucking great, they are punk af, and this EP is a ripper from start to finish. You have to hear it because I’m not so good at describing this type of Japanese-riff infused thing!

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