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Det är därför vi bygger städar / Coma Regalia – Split EP

Det är därför vi bygger städar and Coma Regalia explode for 5 minutes in an incredibly raw passion of punk. It's emo-violence the way it has to be


Artists: Det är därför vi bygger städar / Coma Regalia

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Middle Man Records, Zegema Beach Records, Ödebygd Records, Through Love Records, Miss The Stars Records, Friendly Otter, Time as a Color, Samegrey Records

Two months ago, Middle Man Records have had released a fascinating 7″ split consisting of Det är därför vi bygger städar from Sweden and Coma Regalia from America.

On the Darfor side, they open with twinkly tunes of their track “Alla Mina Vänner” in the vein of Saetia, I Hate Myself and… Wait, did I just say that. Well, yeah. During their second half, the vocalist started yelping and is being followed by a psychological breaking point of crescendos. This is an ultimate of surprise for anyone (especially newcomers) who did not expect this kind of explosion. After the attack stops, the vocalist mourns one more time till the song finishes its job.

The following track we are heading onto is “An Apology” by Coma Regalia. The way of their playing is a very passionate melodic screamo in the veins of The Saddest Landscape, Helen of Troy and The Spirit of Versailles. What else can I say, it’s 5 minutes of incredibly raw passion of punk.

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