Deny / Chörnobyl – Split EP

A double trouble of råpunk & käng from Sweden.

deny-chornobyl-split-epArtist: Deny / Chörnobyl

Title: Split 7″ EP

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Flyktsoda, Dark Elk Records, Phobia Records, TWYB

Total jävla råpunk och mangel från Sverige! In other words, here’s a brand new split 7″ release of two diehard noise mongers from the Västra Götaland County in Sweden that both deal in a vortex of rough-and-ready raw punk, d-beat and crust.

Formed in 1995, it’s fair to say that I’m not surprised by the top-notch delivery of veterans like Deny on their side of the split. The band has really topped their game with their early 2020 LP, Dystopia. Much like that release, their new tracks feature solid songwriting that blends blasting d-beat with hook-laden guitars that lean towards the more melodic elements of the genre. It’s a thunderous gallop of crashing d-beat, rip-roaring vocals and fist-raising moments that bands like Wolfpack, Disfear, and Victims habitually inspire. All the good stuff!

Chörnobyl is a fairly new project featuring members of stadium crust favorites Myteri and, apparently, the ska band Liptones. These three songs are the first of what is definitely more to come from this project. In essence, their side of the split leans more towards the classic käng punk style of Shitlickers & Anti-Cimex. Heavily distorted bass, crude vocals, and pondering d-beats that barely keep the tracks from falling apart. They are definitely not reinventing the wheel, but there’s always room for such bands boiling with old school rage.

Generally speaking, I was not super excited about this record as both bands sound like many others before them, but Swedish bands are always on top of things in their field. These two bands are no exception, you won’t be disappointed.


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