December Youth – Transgressions EP

Artist: December Youth

Title: Transgressions

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

The music of December Youth is soothing in gentle and pretty melodic parts trying to sound similar to popular bands like More Than Life, Touché Amoré and La Dispute. Lyrics about being being self-indulgent, angst-ridden and desperate kid but then undergoing hardships and a lost romance by chasing your dreams and longing for better days. Unfortunately it lacks the genuine emotion and intense build-ups of the aforementioned bands, but I’m intrigued to see where December Youth will go next. Hopefully they will get better with time and find their own unique sound.

The band is coming from Düsseldorf, Germany, and it’s their debut EP. I guess this won’t leave you in tears and snivel streaming down your face, but if you decide to give it a chance then you might also want to check some other young bands like 52 Herz and Dearest.

Mittens XVX

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