Debazzer – Mists

I often go extreme lengths to find new and exciting DIY music to listen to, but sometimes there's local gems right under my nose and I'm just not paying attention.

Debazzer – Mists

Artist: Debazzer

Title: Mists

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

I often go extreme lengths to find new and exciting DIY music to listen to, but sometimes there are local gems lying right under my nose and I’m just not paying attention.

So that’s how you discover an intriguing project that started back in 1999 here in Bulgaria!

Debazzer come from the town of Ruse, and when it comes to the scene in this town I can only recall a few names. Of course, I used to love The Scroletics and Counterfit (later Spot) when fast punk was all that mattered to me back in the early 2000s. Actually, it’s nice to see members from both bands contribute to this rather obscure album.

A little history: Debazzer started back in 1999, when Kaloyan and Yavor recorded a demo called…  Demonstration. Apparently, they tried to catch some recognition from random labels, but no one really paid attention. We’re all pretty used to that, aren’t we? Whatever.

Between 2000 and 2007 Debazzer made some tracks, but eventually the project was abandoned in 2007 up until 2010; when Kaloyan started recording new, heavily dub influenced material. The debut album Eastern Dub was released in May 2013, followed by In Memory of the Passion (2015).

Their latest release is called Mists and was released in January 2018, featuring a myriad of guest musicians: Snoxa (Scroletics), Radney (Spot, Artificial Comet), Mei (Cogwheel Crack), El Freegano and Twisted Arms.

It sure seems like this project has come a long way since the beginning. Mists has a lot of diverse tunes to offer, lyrics covering wide array of personal and social topics. Sound wise, it’s mainly synth-driven music with obvious influences in punk and industrial, with quite audible modern approach. 

While this album will likely stay deeply buried in the local underground history, it is a great discovery to me, and I also enjoyed the overall production and sound.

My personal favourites—”Farewell” and “The Mists of Ruse”—have videos as well, which helps a lot. The visualizations to “The Mists of Ruse” are pretty amazing! Good job, guys!

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