Dead Low – Not For Sale EP

Street rock'n'roll from Massachusetts.


Artist: Dead Low

Title: Not For Sale

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2023

Label: Audio Epidemic Records

Formed in 2019, Dead Low are a working-class street rock’n’roll trio from the barren shores of the fishing town of Cape Cod, MA. “Out here we live by the tides. Most of our work is done at low tide. When the tide is at its lowest point, we call it ‘dead low’,” the Massachusetts natives explain.

Featuring members of other local acts such as Led To The Grave, Revilers and Fast Times, the band released their second EP Not For Sale on Audio Epidemic Records in January 2023.

Opening track “Get Out” sets the tone with its rocking guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics, calling out the monotony and conformity of suburban life. This theme of standing up for something more than the daily toil of the working man is prevalent throughout the record, as seen in tracks such as the title track “Not For Sale” and “Seeing Red”.

Dead Low’s music is filled with raw vocals in the best American Oi! tradition, while memorable rock’n’roll guitar hooks will have listeners tapping their feet and nodding their heads. Not For Sale is the perfect follow-up to Dead Low’s well-received debut Listen Up! EP and showcases the band’s versatility, incorporating elements of traditional Oi! punk, rock’n’roll and a little bit of metal into the mix, adding some variety and texture to the overall sound.

Dead Low don’t hold back and deliver their message with a real sincerity that demands to be heard. Not For Sale is a must for anyone who appreciates the genre.


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