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Drowning Dog & Malatesta – Punch Up EP

Iconic anarchist hip-hop duo returns with a six-track EP to storm dance floors and barricades

ddm-punch-upArtist: DDM (Drowning Dog & Malatesta)

Title: Punch Up

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: EK Records

This legendary anarchist hip-hop duo has been making music together since 1999, blending sweeping, electronic sounds with radical lyricism to become some of the most innovative and politically engaged hip-hop artists for nearly two decades.

Whether you like underground hip-hop, experimental, techno, forward-thinking spoken word, or just minimalist electronica beats to dance to, there’s something really refreshing to experience within their music.

After releasing a number of ground breaking records through their own Entartete Kunst (aka EK Records) music label, while also promoting class-conscious artists through Rap Militante Internazionale gig collective, Drowning Dog & DJ Malatesta strike back with their latest digital EP called Punch Up.

Punch Up consists of six tracks in which the personal and the political become closely intertwined in a narrative about victories and defeats as part of the daily struggles and radical organizing. Probably their most personal release to date, it’s also their most danceable record to crash the dance floor of your local anarchist social center and come together to inspire acts of collective resistance on the streets.

It’s not just dope rhymes and beats—as the heavyweight political rapper Lee Reed tweeted “the new Punch Up EP is a mutual aid manual for storming dance floors and barricades. Get up ✊🖤!”

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