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Day Of Defeat – Жертва EP

Raging hardcore crust from Kazakhstan

day-of-defeat-jertvaArtist: Day Of Defeat

Title: Жертва

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Red Truth Records

From Óskemen (Ust-Kamenogorsk) in the Eastern part of Kazakhstan comes the crust hardcore band Day Of Defeat.

The band has been around since 2010 and, oddly enough, started as a mosh beatdown hardcore band influenced by the likes of Nasty and Six Ft. Ditch. However, with the current line-up they’ve introduced d-beat, grind and crust influences that dramatically changed their musical direction.

Day of Defeat’s singer Alexandr Cherepanov is also the mastermind behind the hardest working Kazakh tape label Red Truth Records. With a focus on the raw and honest sound, the label has put out numerous great releases ranging from Cop On Fire’s cassette discography and Russian black metal, sludge, grindcore madness of Devilgroth, 3405 and Forest Hum, to Swedish d-beat assaults from Adrestia, 偏執症者 (Paranoid), Crutches, and Deny. Although, there are still not many Kazakh bands on the label due to the absence of such bands in general.

Besides being three times the size of France, there are just a few hardcore punk bands in Kazakhstan. Foreign bands rarely come to the country and the closest connections to any bigger hardcore punk scene is with Russia. Having that in mind, Day of Defeat have only played local shows and the 4-track “Жертва” (Victim) is their best recording to date, released on cassette by Cherepanov’s Red Truth in the end of 2018.

The four songs sung in Russian take on political subjects and incorporate interesting samples from the TV archive along with some nice melodic interludes. The influences range from the melodic crust of Tragedy and Wolfbrigade to some slamming mosh breakdowns. It’s a weird blend of styles but it’s not that bad after all.

If you’re going to spend some bucks on DIY cassette releases with shipping from the ex-USSR, I would highly recommend checking out Red Truth‘s catalog. Buy some tapes in bulk and don’t forget to include this one… how often would you get a hardcore crust from Kazakhstan, anyway?


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