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Daggas – Brigada Fantasma

Tobi Records, Daggas and the Chilean youth are keeping the underground hardcore punk scene on fire

Artist: Daggas

Title: Brigada Fantasma

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Tobi Records

Oh, youth. That time in life that feels so full of energy and rebellion. Work and obligations make us dull later on life, so a lot of older people look back on the bright days of being youth with melancholy on their faces. Records like “Brigada Fantasma” from Daggas make us think of all the justified angry and energy of the wilderness of youth. Lets push play and explore it a bit, shall we?

The album starts with a smokey drone, a suffocated breathing that works as a prelude to the incoming chaos. Enfermos y Podridos (Sick and Rotten) has a nihilist point of view on life and very lo-fi, live-sounding recording, with reverb and delay, that makes us think of bands like Koro or Zouo. The distortion and the sound of the drums mixes together in the ambience, like a wave of granulated air. The production value of this record might be that it is very softly touched by mixing. So if all you listen to is hardcore from big labels like Revelation Records or React!, this probably is not for you. But I encourage you to keep listening.

This band show its best live, so that’s maybe why they went for this sound on the record. Tracks like Es Una Mentira (It’s A Lie), my personal favorite, and Condenado (Condemned) give us a perfect taste of how they are on a live show, minus the sweat and energy of the screaming public. Not a change in punk in any way, but a very sincere debut. No make-up, just straight forward punk, something that a lot of bands seem to lack, covering themselves in studio tricks on their albums and being hollow bodies on stage.

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