Crüel Night – Kegyetlen Éjszaka (Demo 2019)

New raw punk from Hungary.

cruel-night-demo-2019Artist: Crüel Night

Title: Kegyetlen Éjszaka

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Kaos DIYstro Records

This is pretty straight forward råpunk from Budapest, Hungary. Their sound is totally blown-out, fuzzy and distorted. Basically, it’s just the way it’s gotta be.

There are nine tracks in total, short and thumping, while the production is intentionally shit-fi to make the impression that this could have easily come out in the early 80s. The singer spews out lyrics in Hungarian language, which is not one bit easier to understand for the English-speaking audience than the Swedish, Finnish or Japanese in that sense.

The Shitlickers, Svart Parad and Crude SS seem like the most obvious influences, but the Hungarian lyrics belted out by harsh female vocals are really what makes this band interesting in my opinion. It’s nice to know that some bands out there keep this raw punk art alive. The artwork and the whole package of this demo tape look awesome, so you have another reason to support the band. If you’re a real disrocker, of course!

It’s still some of the worst music I’ve reviewed recently, but that’s not always a bad thing. The band is touring the Balkans in the beginning of June and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun to see them live.


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