Crevasse / V0NT – Split LP

The blackened electronic sound of V0NT meets the raw hardcore punk aggression of Crevasse in a brutal split LP released by five underground labels.

v0nt crevasse split

Artist: V0NT / Crevasse

Title: Split LP

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Contraszt!, Rope or Guillotine, Order05, Stoned to Death, Music For Liberation

This split LP between the hardcore punk Crevasse and blackened electronics V0NT just came out and it’s a curious release in many ways.

I’ve been following V0NT for the last few years and it seems they never fail to deliver.

Weird, distorted, crushing power electronics with a highly intimate, yet powerful political message. Their lyrics are in Czech, which is an added bonus for me. I love lyrics that bear the sound and feel of a person’s most natural way to express themselves.

V0NT make use of electronic instruments to create a tense, rhythmic noise soundscape with a lot of energy, so I naturally link their music more towards hardcore punk than most electronic genres. The crude force and emotional message is there, no two ways about it. However, genres and labels are hardly of any use with this whole release.

Just well executed extreme music, made by two bands that are certainly on DIY Conspiracy’s radar.

Crevasse’s side was the real surprise to me. I have to be honest, I wasn’t paying the needed attention towards this band. Their track is really tense, yet atmospheric banger, filled with raw energy, distorted sounds, and real anger. They’ve revealed a teaser for their song, using fragments of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Holy Mountain.” Now, we have the full track, and it fucking rips!

I love the energy of both sides of this split, and the fact it is released under five great underground labels just adds to the fact this is absolutely rad record.

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