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Cortarmao – Herzmaschine

Promising debut from a passionate bunch

Artist: Cortarmao

Title: Herzmaschine

Release: Vinyl / CD / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Feenoise.

After recording some new Eva Ras stuff on a newly updated Garageband (which has amazing effects and stuff btw) and I am pretty happy that I did. Then, I went on thinking about other random things. But then Cortarmao from Germany came to mind. What happened to those guys? What are they up to now? So then I looked up on and saw their new album “Herzmaschine” was released yesterday! I was stoked as fuck so I quickly clicked on the link and streamed immediately.

For those who are hearing Cortarmao for the first time, they play post-hardcore with elements of screamo, sass, math and some bits of metalcore. Oh, and some pretty experimental noise interlude. Cortarmao’s approach in music is dramatic and emotive. It catches you off guard and screeching voices smother you but then leaves you wondering what happened as the calm ambient music comes off.

Unlike the harshest effort from their 2015 Demo production-wise, “Herzmaschine” made a good decision to go raw and not too polished. And if you ask me, it reminds me so much of mid 00’s, where metalcore and mathcore were so big, especially when White Belt was around.

I believe ‘Glomera’ and ‘Isolator’ are the highlights of the album as they are quite impressive writing their complex structures in their songs. It shows how far they could go out of their usual lengths from other songs, tho ‘Aorta’ and ‘Faradisation’ are real killer tracks to begin with. All in all, ‘Herzmaschine’ is a fine debut album that shows a promising premise.

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