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Contra Todo – La Gloria & La Derrota

Buenos Aires hardcore with members of Mil Caras and Nueva Ética

contra-todo-la-gloria-y-la-derrotaArtist: Contra Todo

Title: La Gloria & La Derrota

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Vegan Records

This is basically a must listen for anyone interested in the Vegan Straight Edge scene coming out of South America.

Formed in 2012, Contra Todo is a hardcore band from Buenos Aires comprised of members from the mighty Nueva Ética and Mil Caras—two of the most important hardcore bands in Argentina since the 2000’s, if you care about chugging music with an uncompromising attitude.

The band combines fast verses and merciless breakdowns with powerful vocals and a sheer intensity, to create a hardcore record that’s made to move you! If you’re aware of Nueva Ética’s punishing vocal delivery, you won’t be surprised of Contra Todo’s ferocity on this record. The singer’s mouth is like a volcano erupting angry lyrics like a huge balls of lava at all directions. The mosh parts are exhilarating right within your hardcore being and the melodic guitars get you pumped up with excitement. These guys know what are they standing for, they know the sicknesses plaguing our modern society and have the guts to stand in opposition against them all.

An essential release for Vegan Records and the Buenos Aires hardcore scene at the moment. Worth both your support and your attention.

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