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Commuovere – Du besoin de disparaître de soi

Desperate, chaotic, and helpless

Artist: Commuovere

Title: Du besoin de disparaître de soi

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: LeBlast Records, Home Poet Records, Confusion Specialist Records, Emocat Records, Adorno Records

I would be the first to admit that i did NOT expect to have my day darken so fast when this cursed thing from Quebec’s Commuovere just came out of nowhere, waiting to be unraveled on our ears. They shifted rapidly from Suis La Lune-esque ‘Nothing Burns The Cold’ (off our most respectfully made ‘Enjoy Life To This’) to a straightfoward, distortedly messy, chaotic blackened screamo.

In this EP, we have misty guitars (with the exception of bass), frantic drums and shrieky, banshee like vocals on first and third tracks. Between them we also have a sweet, tremolo-ridden interlude floating in the middle of the ocean’s sadness and the need to disappear.

Du besoin de disparaître de soi is an EP to literally throw me off no matter how desperate, no matter how exactly chaotic and helpless it is. It is usually a 3 minute takedown into isolation and the need to survive through this stigma. I am betting you that this type of sound would somehow be its new signature of Quebec screamo, no matter how long it takes for us to laid to rest.

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