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Halloween Exclusive: Cold Brats Unleash Their Debut EP! 💀🦇

Romanian punks unleash four spooky and quirky tracks for their debut 7"

Halloween’s here, and you know what that meansall your friends are sharing either Misfits songs, or how some 💩 punk band is paying tribute by doing a cover song of them.

This time, we want you to stop all this horror punk bs on Youtube and give all your attention to this young band from Romanian capital Bucharest called Cold Brats.

These four Romanian punx have unleashed power in their debut EP, a highly anticipated follow up to the split 7″ they released with fellow weirdos Las Poftas in the beginning of the year.

Listen to Cold Brats’ debut self-titled 7″ in full here! It’s an exclusive stream for DIY Conspiracy, you know?

In a chat with Cold Brats, we asked about the recording process of the EP and here’s what they have answered:

We tend to write a lot of songs by jamming with ideas we come up with on the spot, as well as those that we recorded at home and really wanted to show to each other. We were still jamming along with these songs even at the time of the recording, and we were still throwing new ideas even then.

We recorded the EP in a bedroomin the most DIY fashionand we helped getting the place ready for some noise! The neighbours were nice enough to let us do our stuff, while at the same time we were hoping they are not grilling and partying right next to our “studio”.

Cǎtǎlin Lungu (also bass player in Bastos) is always a fun guy to record with. We’ve used his home to record beforewith all our other projects. This time, he even recorded some keyboards on two of our songs and we can’t really imagine them without these parts.

The most fun we’ve had was after everyone finished recording their instrumental parts, then Paul began recording the vocal parts. We were very excited about how on spot his vocals were, and then we could barely keep ourselves from bursting out with laughter because of the really witty and quirky lyrics.

Cold Brats at Underworld club, 📷 Cristina Popa

We also asked the brats about the whole inspiration behind the band and the EP:

When we first started the band we were thinking of sounding like Depeche Mode played through a distortion pedal. Not sure we’re there yet, but we’re really proud of the songs we managed to write and record for this EP.

If we were to describe our style, we’d say noise-rock/post-punk with 80s hardcore punk mixed in, but you could probably hear some surf, goth rock and even black metal in there! Maybe even some Black Sabbath worship! How about that noise sax played by Fabio on the last song?

We loved these songs in their raw form, but with Salvatore Aricò mixing them and Carl Saff mastering them, they’re more than just complete, they have that special vibe we were searching for!

The 7″ piece of vinyl can be purchased from DIY labels Summercide Recs in Romania and Nothing To Harvest from Greece. The Balkan DIY network is alive and kicking with some great tunes, so keep an eye on them! 👁️🦇

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