Classic Anarcho-Punk Tributes Now Available Online

Rape Crisis benefits back again through Anarcho/DIY Punk and the beauty of Internet

Rape Crisis benefits back again through Anarcho/DIY Punk and the beauty of Internet. The Crass covers compilation “You’ve Heard It All Before” and one of my all time favorite compilations “Angry Songs And Bitter Words” are now officialy available online through the UK’s punk band Bus Station Loonies and RupTURed AmBiTiONs.

You’ve Heard It All Before: Crass Covers Compilation


“You’ve Heard It All Before” is a Crass cover album originally released in 1994 to benefit Rape Crisis. 20 years since the initial vinyl double LP release you have the chance to listen to it as much times as you like for free or pay to download it in order to benefit its cause. The compilation is featuring 27 inventive interpretations of Crass classics from Oi Polloi, Blyth Power, The Apostles, Decadence Within, Influx (ex-Flux), P.M.T., Freedom Empire of the Umpteenth Generation (members of Herb Garden), Ten Naked Fish (a Ten Tennants/Naked Aggression/Citizen Fish collaboration) and many more.

Angry Songs and Bitter Words: Anarcho-punk Classics Covers


The Crass Records / Corpus Christi cover compilation “Angry Songs And Bitter Words” is also a benefit to Rape Crisis UK. Originally released on a very limited CD run in 2003 it contains 22 tracks of classic Anarcho-Punk interpretations by such amazing acts like UK Subs, English Dogs, The Varukers, Subhumans, Terminus, Fleas and Lice, Bad Influence, Bus Station Loonies, Combat Shock, Wat Tyler and more! All performing rocking covers of Flux of Pink Indians, Rudimentary Peni, Poison Girls, The Cravats, Zounds, The Mob, Conflict, DIRT…

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