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Chikara: A Multinational Project Born from the Pure Love for Noise

Interview with raw crust project Chikara

Chikara is a DIY crust-punk collective that shares members from all around the world. It is known for its hyperactivity; releasing countless splits with various bands and shares its lyrical themes of politics, corruption, freedom, classism, discrimination, and for supporting veganism and animal rights.

Today, I team up with geniuses behind the project; Dario from Bosnia and Jhonny Roadkill from Sweden to discuss about the project, their whereabouts and their possible future.


Hello, I’m really happy to have you here on DIY Conspiracy! How are you?

Hello! And we are really happy to be here, thanks so much for inviting us to do this interview! We’re all good, hope you and everyone reading this is as well!

Can you please introduce yourselves?

We will just say some basic info on the members of CHIKARA, like who’s who, from where and some of their other projects that we recommend you check out, in no particular order.

Roadkill, vocals of CHIKARA is from Sweden and one of the two founding members, he owns Skitnaste Records and has his own project called PutaMalaria, which you should definitely check out!

Dario is on the guitar and is the second founding member, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his other notable projects are Šarlah, Ersterator and Diskonekcija, he was a member of now non-active band Šuga.

Santos is the drummer, from Italy, some of his projects include Extraterrestrial Gourmet, Intestinal Bloating, Giasc and many many more.

Igor is the newest member and the second vocals, from Slovenia, one of his other notable projects is Slund, and there’s SKULLxPIERCER, his and Roadkills project. They just released some new stuff on tapes, so go check that out.

There’s many projects from all of the members that weren’t mentioned, but we tried to keep this part short.


So, where did it all began for Chikara?

CHIKARA began in November 2017, between Roadkill and Dario. We decided to combine our sounds and we tried to make something different, just out of pure love for noise. There was a lot of ups and downs, and we changed a few members, and with this, we want to give a shoutout to our former members Pol and Nemanja, they were a big part of CHIKARA, and we’re thankful for all the hard work they put in, and a huge thanks to them for still being supportive as ever!

What inspired you to start Chikara and why?

As mentioned in the previous question, CHIKARA was born out of love for the noise. But aside from that, CHIKARA was meant to be a kind of a protest against todays society, which you can see by reading our lyrics, which are anti-fascist, anti-political, dealing with human and animal rights, current happenings in the world, and so much more topics.

Another thing that inspired us to start a multinational project like this is meeting new people, punx, noisers, from around the world, because we find it that meeting new people from different cultures, that have a different aspect of the world from us, really helped us to find out new, interesting things, it helped us see that no scene, so to call it, in the world is the same, and that further helped us and inspired us with writing the lyrics themselves.

By meeting, I say meeting, even though it’s only virtual, but by meeting so many new people we expanded our own views and we got so much more topics to write about, things to protest against, things to support.

It seems that you’ve released countless of split releases with bands all around the world. What is your purpose on that?

Like in the question before, where you asked what inspired us to start CHIKARA, We can basically say the same thing here, it’s just pure love for the noise scene, meeting new people, connecting with new bands, and most of all, just supporting each other.

Not to mention, by making so many splits, we actually discovered so many new, great bands/projects that we didn’t hear before. We just love that punk unity that comes to surface when making splits.

Even though we released so many splits, a lot of hard work goes into every split that we make, and we try to make every split sound different and unique, which, as you can imagine isn’t easy with so many splits .

Will you ever get to make a full length album soon?

CHIKARA released a full length album in 2017, called Resist//Control. By doing so many splits, we find it that releasing another one so soon really isn’t needed. Of course, our next full length album will require much work, and we do have it planned in the future, but not in the near future. For now, we do have a lot of great splits coming out soon, so keep an eye on those!

Why is it that Chikara’s started as a virtual band?

We wouldn’t call CHIKARA a virtual band, more of a project, and having said that, this question was mostly answered in previous questions, making something new, different, aside from that, making a band isn’t so easy, getting people who live in the same city, who are willing to make a band like CHIKARA, together, isn’t easy at all, that’s why CHIKARA is a multinational project. Like in Bosnia, just for an example, there is no punk scene whatsoever and making an actual band like this is impossible.

How does your local DIY punk scene turn out? In what way would you do to make it better?

Since all the members are from different countries, each of the members have their own ideas on how they would make their own scene better, and that would turn out to be a whole essay if each of us would write about it, so we won’t really answer this question, it’s a really complex topic anyway to be honest.

If I understood well, it seemed that the so-called “punks” have shown complete disregard to your work. Dario, how do you feel about this? What would you do to convince them otherwise?

Since you asked me directly, I’ll answer this from my standpoint. I think I know at which situation you’re aiming at here, and regarding that, I don’t think people disregard our work, to disregard something means to ignore it, and our work definitely wasn’t ignored at all. It was unappreciated by some people, but in no way ignored. I’m all for the support in the punk community, some people see punk as a competition, and I honestly don’t care, and won’t be bothered to change anyones mind regarding that issue.

If you get an opportunity to tour, who would you love to tour with?

We really don’t want to single out any band. There’s a whole lot of bands, with a whole lot of genres, from a whole lot of countries we would love to tour or to play with.

What are your favorite zines/venues/bands/labels from where you live?

Each member has their own favorite zine, venue, band, label from their own country, so that’s a whole lot of those, but instead we want to give a shoutout and a big thank you to all the zines, bands and labels that CHIKARA has worked with, for all the support they gave us! Again, it’s a long list of them, but they know who they are, and even though we say it to them personally, we just wanted to say a huge thank you once again!

Do you have any other activities that you enjoy?

Of course, each of us is a normal individual just like anyone else, with his own personal life, and a bunch of other interest and activities that we do on a daily basis.

Any last words for DIY Conspiracy?

In the end, we would like to add, since we already mentioned all the bands, zines and labels, we also want to mention all the people, who are not part of them, people who have supported and continue to support us, we greatly appreciate it, you guys know who you are!

And one more thank you to DIY Conspiracy for this interview!

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