Chaviré & Bastos – Split EP

It's great to see two bands you've been following and working with for years coming together on a record so small but so emotionally charged. We love Chaviré and Bastos forever!

chavire-bastosArtist: Chaviré / Bastos

Title: Split

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Smart & Confused, Seitan Hell Bike Punk, Mosh Potatoes

This split might seem as a small piece of the enormous global worldwide DIY music scene puzzle, but for us it’s huge!

It’s great to see two bands—who you’ve been following and working with for years—come together and create something so beautiful. We’ve booked both Chaviré and Bastos in Bulgaria. We have been following and reviewing all Bastos records ever since they showed up on our radar, and the best is that we’re writing this short review in the same day when Chaviré are playing Sofia again.

Each band is featured on the 7″ with two songs, each side comes with a different artwork done in the same beautiful style by Hugues PZZL. With three labels involved in the release (it will be available in a physical format early 2019) it’s a worldwide effort to bring more honest and beautifully sad music to the world.

Nous sommes tous des groupuscules, nous sommes le présent en train de naître, nous ne voulons pas de nouveaux dieux, nous ne voulons pas de nouveaux maîtres.

‘Là Où Les Puissances’ by Chaviré 

The side by Chaviré is an explosion of emotions and message from its very first second. Both songs are spanning between two and three minutes, they feature expansive lyrics in French about our shared struggle against the world and the reigning depersonalization of follow human beings and our transformation into unkind slaves to economic, social and political oppression.

While opener ‘En Face L’Empire’ manages to sound almost pumping and uplifting, then the monologue-driven ‘Là Où Les Puissances’ is harsh and intense emotional rollercoaster that will leave you crushed but determined to become the master of your own life and reinvent yourself.


Then we flip the vinyl and go to the realms of Bastos.

Their last LP saw them moving to the more melodic side of their music in this split they are fast, a bit chaotic, their recording is raw to the bone, but guitars are unfolding eclectic melodies and are racing fast with the signature intense bass lines of the band.

This time, both tracks come with lyrics in English. They start as brief impressions of real-life to end, or should I say climax, in the beautiful punk poetry of ‘The Body’… Honestly, you don’t know how much we love this band.

Keep an open hand and one closed eye, walk among the blind. Look for answers on the ground and take a stance.

‘The Body’ by BASTOS

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