Changes – Вспомни о чём думал, вспомни о чём мечтал

Melodic hardcore from Russia

Artist: Changes
Title: Вспомни о чём думал, вспомни о чём мечтал
Release: CD
Year: 2007
Label: OSK Records

Changes is a melodic hardcore band from Moscow, and alongside bands like Ray, Cut’n’Run, What We Feel, Engage At Will, etc. they prove us that Russia produces quality modern hardcore sound combining great message and relentless effort.

Вспомни о чём думал, вспомни о чём мечтал (Remember all you have said, remember all you have dreamed) is Changes’ debut record from 2007 and I definitely dig what these guys are doing here. It’s nine songs (including intro) of intense modern hardcore packed with a great determination and the band’s own energy and boost to the songs.

The music sounds influenced by favorite bands like Bane, Have Heart, Verse, although with more aggressive vocals and all the lyrics screamed in Russian. There are some social and political overtones in their lyrics but in more personal and abstract way. The overall produce and artwork is very well done but that’s not a surprise from the Russian label OSK Records, definitely one of my favorite Eastern European labels.


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