Chalk Hands – Burrows & Other Hideouts EP

Four piece post-hardcore outfit from Brighton, UK

Artist: Chalk Hands

Title: Burrows & Other Hideouts

Release: Tape / CD / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Future Void, Dekaden Records

Brighton’s four piece Chalk Hands have been around only since 2016 but their debut EP “Burrows & Other Hideouts” is nothing less than a remarkable start! The record consists of two pieces, which are conceptually linked. The melodies are urgent and alluring, with passionate vocals that are unquestionably dragging you in!

The two pieces are long enough to captivate the listener through interesting soundscapes without getting too drawn out and protracted. There are quite a few post-rock influenced screamo bands that have come along and used the same formula over and over in their music, although Chalk Hands also manage to create something valuable for that kind of music.

This is definitely a great debut and I would love to see the band evolve and find their own unique sound in future releases, there’s still a need for loud and sad songs.

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