Casket Garden – In The Name of Nobody EP

Artist: Casket Garden

Title: In The Name of Nobody

Release: CD-R / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: DIY

I’ve got tons of self-released d-beat and crust demos coming from all over the world and they always used to have an Anti-Cimex cover in the track list. This is no exception and Casket Garden from Tuscany lay down 6 tracks of raw and distorted metallic crust with “When The Innocent Die” cover amongst them.

It seems like the main idea was to take the noisy Scandinavian d-beat and mix it up with thrashy death metal. The interesting thing here is that Casket Garden is a two piece band, so everything is pretty minimalist in this one. Okay, I think this is a totally boring record and I would hardly listen to it again, although it reminded me to write Dirty Power Game in the Youtube search box and listen to some more Italian metallic crust.

Mittens XVX

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