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Carnivore: Extreme Metal & Comics Magazine (First Issue)

The meatiest choice cuts of everything extreme. Extreme music, extreme books, and extreme comics.

Right off the bat I had a little problem with this zine. Imagine my surprise, as an ethical vegan, when I’ve got a fanzine called Carnivore in my mailbox. I guess, it comes from Peter Steele’s band of the same name, which doesn’t make it less controversial though.

This is the first issue, and it’s already promising to give you the “meatiest choice cuts of everything extreme”. When they say extreme, they mean extreme metal music, extreme books, and extreme comics. All that in full-colour and printed on a nice glossy paper!


Incredibly easy to read, the magazine consists entirely of reviews. Well-written, perfect grammar, straight to the point. There are record reviews, gig reviews, books & comics reviews.

The music genres covered in Carnivore range from well-known black or death metal bands to more underground doom, sludge, grindcore, and post-punk bands. Generally, I don’t listen to real metal, so I’m not aware of most of the stuff reviewed here. Yes, I listen to a lot of metal-influenced bands in the hardcore punk scene, but I’ve never been a metalhead myself. That being said, I totally dig this zine and I’m already taking notes to check out some of the bands covered herein. So many great bands I have found by reading reviews in fanzines.

As you may have guessed, the books and comics reviewed in Carnivore are more of the gore and horror type. From H.P. Lovecraft influenced stories to the zombie genre. I was really amazed to see a review of a comics about a dog surviving a zombie apocalypse, based on the storyline of the tabletop game Dead of Winter that we enjoy so much to play with friends.

In conclusion, Carnivore is a treat to look at, as well as read. If you’re an extreme metal nerd who’s also into dark, bloody, and horror books or comics, you should definitely check this out!

Carnivore is NOT on facebook, twitter or instagram, but you can contact the authors in the old-fashioned way at:

Carnivore Magazine
PO Box 57966
Jacksonville, FL
United States of America





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