Fast & genuinely pissed thrashing hardcore from the north of Italy

carnero-poterexviolenzaArtist: Carnero


Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

Hailing from the Italian town of Forli, this explosive hardcore punk brigade strikes with a sudden and astounding viciousness. Tearing through 6 piercing slabs in about 8 minutes, Carnero are capable to deliver a short outburst of purely DIY punk taken to gloriously grinding levels.

With a name that literally translates as Power Violence, POTERExVIOLENZA is relentless on blisteringly fast rhythms and straight up aggression. Throughout the few minutes, the listener gets not only a full plate of good old powerviolence, but a mélange of thrashing hardcore, upbeat punk, and grind; stripped of all artificiality and without any non-sense message. Lyrically, the band upholds a strong foundation in the tradition of old hardcore bands like Wretched, Negazione, and Indigesti, as the songs deal with the themes of war, religion, capitalism, and suffering. Musically, Carnero stand out from the crowd with technical metallic riffs and energetic vocals where you can actually hear most of the words, all sung in Italian though.

Recorded and released by the band themselves, this EP is all the rage for those looking for something genuinely angry and political. Fast, violent and fairly pissed.

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