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Čad – Ťažký Kov

The name translates as Heavy Metal but owls are not what they seem

cadtazkykovArtist: Čad

Title: Ťažký Kov

Release: LP

Year: 2011

Label: My Sleeping Cat Record[

ČAD is a crust’n’roll band coming from Slovakia and they are active since 1994! It’s an interesting fact (for a crust band) that they are drug-free (though they don’t call themselves straightedge) and they call their style ”ripcore”. Since the mid 90’s they recorded songs for tons of 7″-splits with bands like Ahumando Granujo (CZ), Dischord (Brazil), Grossmember (Poland), Entrails Massacre (Germany), Rabies (CZ), and of course the Japanese legends Unholy Grave, split LP with the local crust band Beton, and a few LPs for international DIY labels. Ťažký Kov (2011) is their latest record and it’s coming by the Slovakian label My Sleeping Cat, it’s actually the first release for My Sleeping Cat after almost 7 years of hibernation.

The record starts with the song Červy that reminds of the hard hitting punk hardcore sound of bands like Discharge and Chaos UK, followed by Ťažký Kov (the name means Heavy Metal!) which is a slower song with solid metal riffs but far from the Iron Maiden sound, all the remaining songs – Skaza, Pevnost’, Zombie Masaker, Guľomet (Side A) and Kultúra Smrti, Všetko Je Z Číny, Sklenená Veža, Kráľ Hovien, Na To Si Tu! (Side B) are great amalgamation of crust and punk-rock with a lot of Discharge and Motörhead touch. All the songs are recorded in Shaark Studio in CZ (Czech grind legends Gride and Lycantrophy also record there) and mixed/mastered in the USA by the guy from Mana Studio, Florida (Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Madball, Agnostic Front, Six Feet Under).

The result is fascinating and all the vocals sound very clean, you can hear every word by Čad’s singer, though all the lyrics are in Slovakian and there are no translations on the lyrics sleeve. It’s excellent record by Slovakian punk/crust band doing their thing without copying what’s popular or mediocre.

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