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Out Now: Bulgarian Prisoners Association Benefit Compilations

"Folk Off" and "Punk to the MAX" benefit compilations aim to support Bulgarian Prisoners Association (BPRA) in their struggle for inmate's rights


Released on May Day 2016 by Autonomia Promotions (Netherlands) “Folk Off” and “Punk to the MAX” benefit compilations will raise money for the Bulgarian Prisoners Association (BPRA), a collective of current prisoners and ex-prisoners working on the field for inmate’s rights through both legal representation and legislative change.

“Folk Off” Benefit Compilation

“Folk Off” features 13 acoustic/folk punk artists such as Joe Yorke, Efa Supertramp, Cistem Failure, Moon Bandits, Dangle Manatee and many more, with songs about abolishing prisons, borders and walls by individual and collective struggle of those willing to be free.

“Punk to the MAX” Benefit Compilation

“Punk to the MAX” features 16 punk and hardcore bands singing about tearing down the system and its oppressive institutions: Rude Pride, Autonomads, Grand Collapse, Wolf Down, Bomb Blast Men, Warprayer and many more.

By donating to BPRA you are supporting the collective will of prisoners in Bulgaria to make a change for all inmates and combat the corruption of the penitentiary institutions.

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