Brainwasher – Scabs of Winter EP

4 songs DIY debut EP by hardcore punx from Galway, Ireland

brainwasher scabs of winterArtist: Brainwasher

Title: Scabs of Winter

Release: EP / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

Brainwasher hails from Galway in the West of Ireland featuring members of already known bands such as the “neo-crust” Easpa Measa, Trenches, and Dublin’s stoner punx Realistic Train. The band’s debut “Scabs of Winter” EP was self-released in the very end of 2014 and it’s nothing but a decent hardcore punk record.

There’s a stand out drumming that keeps a powerful major tempo, the old school UKHC influence is undeniable but there’s also some more contemporary hardcore breakdowns and twiddling melodies that keep the band on the tuneful end of the spectrum. Everything falls into place in these four songs and what makes this an exciting record is the excellent vocals and well-written lyrics with the tone of dismal state of the world. It’s a short one, so if Irish DIY hardcore punk is your thing, just play it from their bandcamp page and support the band.

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