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Besides creating content for our website, we are also booking shows for international community of musicians and artists touring Europe. We have close connections with DIY promoters around the Balkans and we book gigs for those artists we want to see coming to Bulgaria.

How’s that? Because the founding members of DIY Conspiracy are based in Bulgaria.

What do we guarantee to the artists?

  • Finding the most suitable venue available at the moment;
  • Doing the most relevant kind of promotion given the existing circumstances;
  • Cooking vegan food for the bands (we stick to healthy, whole food plant-based diet);
  • Providing a sleeping place (oftentimes at someone’s floor at home);
  • Usually we agree on door deal, but we can also consider any other reasonable offer.

We also try to make the event itself as interesting, inspiring, and inclusive as possible. Occasionally, we cook vegan food for free/pay-what-you-want to anyone who’s coming to the show, and/or try to entertain the audience with screenings, spoken word, or something else.

We do not book bands and artists if we don’t like their music or any other form of expression (including their lyrics). We don’t support any authoritarian and oppressive ideologies. If you are affiliated with anything that contradicts with DIY hardcore punk’s anti-oppressive framework, please don’t bother contacting us at all.

No sponsorship deals, no advertisement!

The gigs we organize are DIY and not-for-profit, therefore we rely on our own limited resources. Your small donations will help us to continue organizing future events and running the zine on the web.


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Past & Upcoming Shows

Some of the bands and artists we have cooperated with (sure, we forget someone or feel too embarrassed to add them to the list). Dates are in European format day/month/year:

  • Žen (HR) @ Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia 28.11.2018
  • Iena (IT), Kobra (IT), tba @ Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia, 06.11.2018
  • Chaviré (FR), Die Angst (GER), Dark Drizzle (GER) @ Fabrika Avtonomia, 25.10.2018
  • Chain Cult (GR), Σκοτοδινη (GR), Attic Ted (USA) @ Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia, 25.09.2018
  • Hexis (DK), Woes (DK), ZilpZalp (GER), King of Sorrow (BG) @ Grindhouse, Sofia, 23.07.2018
  • Joliette (MX), Rutka Laskier (CZ), BROND (BG) @ Grindhouse, Sofia, 16.07.2018
  • Canine (FR), Св. Псета (SRB), Technicolor Lies (SRB) @ Grindhouse, Sofia, 02.05.2018
  • Ypres (RU), Sequoian Aequison (RU), …and brought them atop the mount (RU) @ Mixtape 5, Sofia, 07.10.2017
  • Efa Supertramp (UK), krāllār (BG) @ Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia, 05.07.2017
  • Kalashnikov collective (IT), Nokaut (BG) @ Gaba bar, Sofia 26.04.2017
  • Bastos (RO) @ Gaba bar, Sofia 28.03.2017
  • Chaviré (FR), Heavy Heart (FR), Lucky Number Nick (BG) @ Mixtape 5, Sofia 29.10.2016
  • Shibby Pictures (USA), Ilko Birov (BG) @ Art Hostel, Sofia 24.09.2016
  • Mohawk (FR), Flo Chmod (FR), Ilko Birov (BG) @ Neu!Berlin, Sofia 22.06.2016
  • Gattaca (CZ), Remek (CZ), Upyr (BG) @ Mixtape 5, Sofia 28.10.2015
  • COSMO (UK), James Bar Bowen (UK), Johnny Campbell (UK) @ Adelante, Sofia 26.06.2015
  • Brian Smith (USA), Peter Piek (GER) @ Adelante, Sofia 14.06.2015
  • Old Trees (EU), Alicia Edelweiss (AT) @ Adelante, Sofia 15.04.2015
  • Deer In The Headlights (BIH), Eaglehaslanded (SER), Razgruha (BG) @ Communication Room, Sofia 10.04.2015
  • Old Trees (EU), Alcia Edelweiss (AT) @ Solidarity Center, Varna 02.04.2015
  • Lapsus Linguae (BG), Ънален Диспут (BG) @ Non-Sleep Hostel, Sofia 14.03.2015
  • Celeste (FR), Reka (RU), Upyr (BG) @ Jet Rock, Sofia 19.07.2014
  • This Routine Is Hell (NL), Ruined Families (GR), SDX (BG), Lapsus Linguae (BG) @ Grindhouse, Sofia 28.02.2014
  • Drip of Lies (PL), Torah (BG), Leaver (BG) @ Swinging Hall, Sofia 13.11.2013
  • Landverraad (NE), Them Frequencies (BG), Paperwings (BG) @ Grindhouse, Sofia 25.10.2013
  • Ruins (GER), Razgruha (BG), Corecom (BG) @ Studio, Sofia 12.05.2013
  • Patsy O’Hara (GER), Melekh (BG), Expectations (BG) @ Jet Rock, Sofia 25.03.2013
  • La Casa Fantom (NOR), The Reunions (BG), Razgruha (BG), Mytrip (BG) @ Studio, Sofia 21.10.2012
  • Efa Supertramp (UK) @ Adelante, Sofia 08.09.2012
  • Finisterre (GER) @ Jet Rock, Sofia 07.09.2012
  • Left In Ruins (ITA), Them Frequencies (BG), Savage Ravage (BG) @ Grindhouse, Sofia 02.08.2012
  • Baygon Vert (FR), HHB (SLO), Uhl (FR), Devastated (SLO), J.Dupont (FR), Trysth (BG) @ The Box, Sofia 02.05.2012
  • Downfall of Gaia (GER), Rosa Parks (HU), Expectations (BG) @ The Box, Sofia 20.10.2011
  • Vomit For Breakfast (FR), Collectif Mary Read (FR), Rimi ot RA (BG) @ Ecotopia Infocenter, Razgrad 17.04.2008
  • Pavilionul 32 (RO), Ballet in Stiefeln (GER) @ Ecotopia Infocenter, Razgrad 27.08.2007
  • Magrudergrind (USA), GOTC (BG) @ Area 51, Varna 20.06.2007
  • Ballast (CAN), No Rest (BR) @ Area 51, Varna 10.10.2006


Friends, other projects of ours, and collectives we’ve been collaborating on booking shows with:

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