punk from southamerica, next tours, releases

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punk from southamerica, next tours, releases

Postby jpnmar Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:35 pm

Hi friends.
We are two bands from Venezuela who wants to share some info about our next tours and releases with you all in order to make new friends. Maybe find some help for our 2020 tours.


Mar de Rabia was formed in 2016 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. In the middle of the crisis, two members from Doña Maldad (Punk-Hardcore) started to make new music with punk influences but with some thrash touches too. Their first album is called "La destrucción inminente". Was released in 2016. The band recorded some live sessions and started to organize some gigs in their city. that year the band left the country due the big crisis. So its was re formed in Bogota, Colombia. The next EP is called "La infección cultural perpetua". This 2019, MDR started a six weeks european tour, they played in many gigs in differents venues, bars, squatted houses, festivals such as Obscene Extreme, Tales from the punx, Hygget fest, Ultrachaos piknik and many others. The band is about to release their third EP called "El Pais de las Canteras". Next year the band is planing a new tour for 2020, so if some of you like this you can contact them. The band is looking for some help to release a 12" vinil record.


Cadaveres Podridos started like a folk solitary proyect. Juan Pablo (Doña Maldad, Mar de Rabia guitar player) composed a bunch of songs to play alone while he was travelling from Venezuela to Argentina. From this period the album "1986" was recorded totally DIY home made record. In 2017, in Bogotá, Colombia; he got together some friends and recorded its second album called "Viva Nada" with 8 songs. The sing-along songs got some boost power with the complete band. Cadaveres Podridos is looking for some help to release this album, and next one too. They will be touring in some places in Europe in 2020. If you like this and want to give some help just write.

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