Yarostan's first full lengh

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Yarostan's first full lengh

Postby gizmedium Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:11 pm


We're about to leave for tour with our brothers of Canine (literaly), but the final version of our album is out online. Yarostan is a four-piece post hardcore band from La-Fare-les-Oliviers, near Marseille. The name Yarostan comes from one of the narators of Fredy Perlman’s epistolary novel Letters of Insurgents, and we are borrowing it since the spring of 2016. We wrote it over months, and finished it during a week in the practice space of l’Humus, in the middle of a heatwave.The amps weren’t helping… Recording took place when we came back from a first tour in fRance & Luxemburg with Canine at Old Tree Studio in Salon-de-Provence and Sénas between October 2018 and January 2019. The final mix & mastering was finished earlier today.

Cassettes & CDs are self-published by the band. Another tape version is coming out on Zegema Beach Records (British Columbia) as a split with Aleska. Records will get out on :

*Bus Stop Press (Marseille)
*Crapoulet Records (Marseille)
*Smart & Confused (Paris)
*Seaside Suicide Records (Le Mans)
*Longrail Records (Carmagnola)
*DIY Bikepunk (Salamanca)
*Badmood Asso (Marseille)
*Atlas Music (???)

link to listen/download : https://yarostan.bandcamp.com/album/yarostan-2

much love,

Giz / Yarostan

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