Synthpunk project.

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Synthpunk project.

Postby sigfriedandroidrage Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:36 pm

Would anyone be interested in trying to do some kind of long distance synthpunk project?

I started a band in America a while ago and it did not work out because of many different reasons.

I've been in a few bands that you haven't heard of but it could be cool to collaborate with something over my pirated copy of Logic.

I'm really interested in THE SCREAMERS, LE SHOK, LOST SOUNDS, PEKINSKA PATKA, the second summer of love, CRIMPSHRINE, Data mining, HICKEY, Dangerhouse Records bands, WOLFBRIGADE, NAZIS FROM MARS, the eminent demise of Silicon Valley "tech bro" culture, and 60's garage rock/surf from the Middle East.

Here's a sample of what those synth songs sound like (along with lyrics):

http://www.advancedpersistentthreat.tec ... MUSIK.html

To prove my punk rock credentials here's a video of that band covering a TRAGEDY song to a room of people who didn't know we were playing TRAGEDY and would have made fun of us if they knew we were:

Get in touch on here and let's get something going! I live in Washington, D.C. and work weird hours and do not have much interest in staying involved with the "DIY" community here (read: I'm not trying to get a nice review in Pitchfork, and these days I could give two shits what MAXIMUMROCKNROLL has to say about anything).

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