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LANTERNA PIRATA D.i.y. Releases June 2018

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 2:59 pm
by Lanterna Pirata
Lanterna Pirata Records is a small Do-It-Yourself label and distro started in Genoa, Italy towards the end of 2009. It was born with primary goal of spreading the d.i.y. approach and mentality in all it's possible forms, mainly through the production and release of records and through the organzing of punk rock shows. One of our main intentions is to take the medum of music away from the logics of greed and profit that tend to make it a soulless product of mere entertainment and consumerism, in favour of a much more participated and generally practical approach. Taking down many barriers that the industry has put up, like the concept of a "stage" as a way of exposing giant egos and the idea of "artist" as a mystical, privleged and unarrivable figure. Hardcorepunk and d.i.y. ethics as primary means of communication for the ideas and concepts that are most important to us and that we would like to see more represented in our society. As a form of opposition towards any sort of racism, fascism and repression. As a clear choice and lifestyle, not as a fashion.

for info, orders, wholesales, trades and full distro catalogue:
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