Save on postage : Bus Stop Press's punkpost to Fluff

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Save on postage : Bus Stop Press's punkpost to Fluff

Postby gizmedium Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:47 am

Hey y'all,

As for every year, but this time more in advance and more in the open, but I'll make it to Fluff Fest again and so if there are anything you want from the Bus Stop Press distro, I can bring some along. Realisticaly, I'll have copies from the last few issues of Cheaptoys that aren't out of print, most of the pamphlets and a suitcase of our tape releases, though if you want to make sure to grab something specific, or records. All pay what you want. Send me an email if you want something, or have questions I guess? here's the current list :

BSP#00 XTRAMEDIUM bernard l’hermite EP (anarchist pop punk from Nice)
BSP#05    CHILD MEADOW crispy bbq tofu burger LP (Two-piece screamo punk from Toulon)
BSP#06    I KILL GIANTS s/t cassette (Pop punk from Marseille)
BSP#07 ²⁄₃ REMEK / PAPER PLANE CRASH - split LP (Last copies from the split series, Remek from Czeh & Paper Plane Crash from Slovenia)
BSP#10    XTRAMEDIUM this hour the clock stop LP (so many copies left please take one!)
BSP#12    ACIDIC TREE dead on your feet 7" (screamo from Chicago)
BSP#13    GLI ALTRI fondamentta, strutture, argini CD (post hardcore from Savona with a noisy violin and a lot of lyrics)
BSP#15    GIZ MEDIUM …I'll take the scenic route cassette (folk punk from south-east france)
BSP#17    MUESLI s/t cassette (fully instrumentized folk/pop from Aix en provence)
BSP#20    VÉLOCIRAPTOR khalass cassette (short-lived folk punk duo from Melbourne, australia banjo, guitar & cello)
BSP#23    MALHABILE clench your teeth 12" (folk rock from Avignon)
BSP#24    BAD HEX/XTRAMEDIUM split 7" (one-person-band emo from Spokane & anarchist pop punk from wherever)
BSP#25    GLI ALTRI/URUGANO split CD (two post hardcore bands from Liguria)
BSP#29    TDOAFS 7" (The dischord of a forgotten sketch, emopunk from Montreal)
BSP#30    GIZ MEDIUM waiting for the fall cassette (anarchist pop punk demo)
BSP#31    CANINE [kanin] cassette (first EP, post-hardcore from Marseille)
BSP#33    POWDER piece of life cassette (melodic emo hardcore from Marseille)
BSP#35    GIZ MEDIUM are we there yet? cass (anarchist folk punk with an epic conclusion)
BSP#36    TALL AS TREES s/t 7 »(emopunk from Berlin)
BSP#37    CHILD MEADOW it hurts 12" (last E.P as a two-piece emopunk band)
BSP#39    YAROSTAN cass/CD (epic post-hardcore from Marseille)
BSP#40    GLI ALTRI prati ombre monoliti LP (post hardcore from Savona with a noisy violin and a lot of lyrics)
BSP#43    EDIMBURGH OF THE SEVEN SEAS L’âtre et l’enfant 10" (solo sludgy guitar from Avignon)
BSP#44    JANPALACH/ÊTRE split 10’’ (screamo from Odessa + emo from Deutshland)
BSP#46    BÖKANÖVSKY discographie 2006-2015 cass (full discography of the Toulon screamo band)
BSP#47    GIZ MEDIUM sings Mitch the champ cass (folk punk covers of a folk punk friend)
BSP#48    CHILD MEADOW/APPLETOP split 7’’ (pop rock meet emopunk, Toulon)
BSP#49    LA COMPAGNIE KTA s/t cass + livre (fugazi-ish radical story-telling band with 60+ page fullsize book)
BSP#50    CHILD MEADOW discographie 2009-2017 Cass (near-discography of the two-piece emopunk band from Toulon)
BSP#51    CAMBARADA Cass (solo post rock guitar from La Fare Les Oliviers)
BSP#53    CANINE - Boiling Drops in an Ice-cold Water LP (second E.P from the posthardcore band from Marseille)
BSP#54    DOLLORES - discography 2010-2012 Cass (screamo from Vinnitsa. collects the Self titled ep from 2010 + orphans from 2012)
BSP#56    INGRINA Etter Lys 2xLP (post-hardcore, three guitars & two drums from Tulle)
BSP#57    CICADÆ / TERZO split Cass (ambient/drone/electronica split from Marseille)
BSP#58    s.n.  Chaos de noël Cass (audioplay about a parisian insurrection, from 2005)
BSP#59    RICHARD ADES -  Revolutionary Purity Showdown Cass (audioplay about a fake television game for whom’s the most radical)
BSP#60    GRUSTERROR - Medieval torture for traders Cass (posi-grindcore from Marseille)

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