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Burn Border Burn vol.2, Folk punk benefit compilation is out!

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2019 9:25 am
by gizmedium
...well online at least. The tapes will be released for the benefit dinner happening in Marseille on September 15th. Mailorders if any will ship sometimes later. but here you go : ... burn-vol-2

All of the bands have their own music out and most of them are playing shows at the time this compilation is being published. This is a benefit to the 31 people going to court for all of the solidarity actions that took place near the self-managed refugee camp of « la Bolla » between Ventimiglia and Menton during the summer of 2015. If they end up not needing it, it will go to groups and individuals who keep going with the same solidarity activities in this area. Fuck Borders. A digital rendition of this tape is also available on along with other music. For more informations about la Bolla, read the comic of the same name by Emmanuelle Giacopetti or the book Nous ne ferons pas marche arrière : lutte contre la frontière franco-italienne à Vintimille (2015-2017) published by NietEditions. Marseille, September ’19.

If solidarity is an offense of the law, abiding is a crime
Si la solidarité est un délit, respecter la loi est un crime
Se la solidarietà è un delitto, rispettare la legge è un crimine