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Board Rules & Codes of Conduct

Postby DIY Conspiracy Sat May 26, 2018 5:16 pm

Hello and Welcome!!!

This board is intended as a space for support and discussion of hardcore punk and other related stuff that falls outside of the mainstream. You are welcome, whether you are part of the “scene” or just a spectator.

To have a community that’s inclusive and respectable of each other, we need some rules & guidelines. Please keep in mind that these are ever evolving and just because something is not specifically brought up, it doesn’t make it ok.

1. This is a public forum

This board is fully public and accessible. Be careful about the personal information that you share with the world. Don’t post anything that might get you into trouble and don’t promote anything illegal.

2. Disagreements must be discussed in a friendly manner

It is impossible to build a nice community if we become hostile to one another.

3. Try not to marginalize and oppress other people.

If you don’t respect other people’s identities or culture, you will earn a CALL OUT. If not addressed, you might be removed from the board. A call out doesn’t mean you are a bad person, only that you might be coming from a place of unexamined oppressive conditioning.

The way to respond to a call out is:
  • Hush up and try to understand why you are being called out.
  • Apologize for the impact, even if it wasn’t your intention.
  • Correct the behavior.
*Marginalized means people whose lives are significantly/overwhelmingly impacted in harmful, limiting, and otherwise invalidating ways by the oppressive systems found throughout our societies. Anyone may be marginalized, regardless of their other privileges; likewise, anyone may be privileged, regardless of their marginalized identities.


Thank you.

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