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Bleed The Pigs – Overcompensations For Misery EP

Overcompensations For Misery is Nashville, Tennessee's Bleed The Pigs second EP and it's slaying in a devastating way from start to finish

bleed the pigs overcompensation for misery

Artist: Bleed The Pigs

Title: Overcompensations For Misery

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

What would happen if you fell into a black hole? Chances are you’ll be crushed by its immense gravity, ripped apart, deep fried, trapped in the void for all eternity or find yourself in an another dimension/parallel universe. I don’t know for sure, but I know that immediately after their intro song “Black Hole” Nashville, Tennessee’s quartet Bleed The Pigs gets us sucked into a huge, invisible whirlpool of profound hatred and frustration towards humanity’s cold, bitter and miserable existence itself.

Thunderous, heavy and sick as hell Bleed The Pigs’ downtuned bass, guitar and drums are raging into bursts of speed and chaos, alternating with a bit of slower and heavier sludge parts (you know, the name of the band comes from Neurosis’ song “Bleeding The Pigs”), while the crushing vocals – coming from a pink-haired vegan straightedge woman of color – are spitting hate and disillusion with the society’s failures and the whole humankind. Kayla’s lyrics are dark, political and written in the best way imaginable to immerse us right into the black ocean of Bleed The Pigs music.

Overcompensations For Misery is Bleed The Pigs’ second EP, following their Mortis Fatum EP released earlier in 2014, and it’s slaying in a devastating way from start to finish. If you like His Hero Is Gone, Iron Lung or Full of Hell you must check this out right now. This band is sick and I really love them!

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