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Better Reality – I Like Punk Life EP

DIY super posi raw punk from the UK

better-reality-i-like-punk-lifeArtist: Better Reality

Title: I Like Punk Life

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Stupid Noise, Rohkunst, Prejudice Me Records

Wow. How to describe this? It’s raw, Japanese-worshiping (think of Gauze, Confuse, or Lip Cream) and fun as hell noise-drenched pogo punk served up on a 7″ plate that comes with the first issue of a punk af zine called You Are Fucker, featuring a previously unreleased interview with d-beat master Kawakami! Rest in power.

Hailing from Manchester and Sheffield in the UK, Better Reality are dedicated to this everlasting tradition of raw, distorted and noise-not-music punk at breakneck speed, while also straying away from the path of all the most common clichés surrounding the genre.

Rather than shouting about mouldering corpses and how bad it is dying in a nuclear war, Better Reality have some smart, positive and ultimately fun lyrics. It’s posi pogo raw punk at its best and all the posi-crusties and warmhearted disrockers with shoelaces around their head should get this now! I was waiting for a crustier, Japanese-influenced version of Crucial Youth for way too long.

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