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Betrayed – Substance

Betrayed in substance - 13 songs of meaningful hardcore that's either fast, aggressive or gentle, and melodic straight edge anthems saying what has to be said


Artist: Betrayed

Title: Substance

Release: LP

Year: 2006

Label: Rivalry Records

If you liked what you heard in the Champion / Betrayed split you surely will be impressed by the first and only full-length that this short-lived but everlasting straight edge band released. We should say that the cover artwork more suits a boy band, not a hardcore one but the vinyl itself is simplistic and quite beautiful. However what matters more than the dumb artwork are the thirteen songs on the vinyl.

Two of them (‘Consequence’ and ‘Bring It To Life’) are actually re-recorded versions of these same songs that were included in the split I mentioned. In many reviews that was found kind of awkward but as the tracks are good having their refreshed versions is cool. They and the other eleven tracks which you’ll hear in the album really present Betrayed in substance. All aspects of the band and its music are here.

Meaningful hardcore above all, then either fast, aggressive or gentle and melodic straight edge anthems saying everything that has to be said. And the fact this is done in a little less than half an hour is a guarantee you will be playing that one again and again. There’s only one thing we’re wondering, why always such great bands break up. Where are we supposed to scream the great lyrics of ‘A Light In The Dark’, ‘Understand’ or ‘Think Twice’, maybe only at home, what a bummer?

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