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B.E.T.O.E. – Totalitarismo del Siglo XXI.

Five songs of raw d-beat punk shit in opposition to both left and right-wing totalitarianism

betoe-totalitarismo-del-siglo-xxiArtist: B.E.T.O.E.

Title: Totalitarismo del Siglo XXI.

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Distro-y Records, Ryvvolte Records, Subversion Vaginal, Discos Enfermos, Nuclear Fear Records

The political climate in Venezuela seems really complicated at the moment, and whatever opinion you might have, it’s easy to get criticized for not understanding the situation in full and even being brainwashed by propaganda from either side of the barricade. Now, when it comes to punk, we tend to be critical to any form of government, media, or a political ideology that stands in the way of people’s freedom.

B.E.T.O.E. is a punk trio that apparently have a grudge in opposition to totalitarianism, both Left and Right. Originally from Venezuela and Brazil, these punks currently reside in Barcelona and have barfed out a slew of releases since their inception in 2013, including a split LP with the legendary Spanish band Último Gobierno.

Released on vinyl in 2018, “Totalitarismo del Siglo XXI.” offers five new tracks in the classic d-beat style of Anti Cimex / Shitlickers, mixed with the noise-drenched, earbleeding massacre of Japanese bands like Confuse, Disclose, and Framtid. The artwork of all their releases has been done by one of the band members that goes under the moniker Güs punk artwork, and this guy has created some of the most prolific d-beat art pieces I’ve ever seen. The cover art of this release is a collage made out of pictures from Venezuela’s political crisis under Maduro’s government. The lyrics deal with the political corruption, militarism and how every political regime is ultimately fucked—the governments will kill every genuine people’s revolution as soon as it starts to threaten their power structures.

B.E.T.O.E’s sound is raw, brutal and punk as fuck! However, it’s also politically confrontational for people on the left who align themselves with the pro-Chávez/Maduro anti-imperialist sentiments.


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