An Slua List Their 15 Favorite Oi! Records of 2022

An Slua's frontman Mic Mac Cana shares 15 Oi! records that stood out during the year.

Éire’s certified Oi!ganic punx & skins An Slua released their great debut EP How Ya Gettin’ On? earlier in 2022. Exclusively for DIY Conspiracy, their frontman Mic Mac Cana put together a list of his 15 favorite Oi! albums and EPs played on rotation during the year, including France’s Syndrome 81 (already included in many other end-of-year lists), Australia’s Nö Class (featured in the latest edition of Down Under(ground), along with a host of other great releases from the Antipodes), Buffalo’s hardest skinheads Violent Way, Chicago’s true occultists praying at the altar of Oi! Lost Legion, the long-running Vancouver legends Bishops Green, and more.

So here’s what stood out for An Slua in 2022. Words by Mic Mac Cana.

1 Nö Class – Here Comes Trouble

Nö Class – Here Comes Trouble

I’ve been following these Melbourne but originally New Zealand boot boys since their first release and can honestly say each release gets better. It’s hard to fuse the styles they’re doing but they do it better than anyone. It’s also great to see a band singing about important matters but which can still have a laugh. 

2 Lost Legion – Bridging Electricity EP

This is probably my favorite release of the year. Their first releases were fantastic and definitely a hefty nod to The Templars. With this release, they become a whole beast of their own. I love the darker feel of this release. On top of it, the whole art of the record is fantastic, with lyrics that make them stand out amongst other bands across the genre.

3 Violent Way – Bow To None EP

Violent Way – Bow To None EP

It’s amazing to see a band that is unapologetically themselves. This record is a real throwback to ’90s Oi! bands in the US via GMM records to me. These titans just keep pushing out great music!

4 The Buzzers – Self-Titled EP

I’ve been loving these Vancouver skins since their demo came out in 2019. To me, this is the perfect kind of Oi! raw production. Catchy riffs with lyrics that are smart but a band that still keeps a light feel to the message and music whilst still being serious at the same time. 

5 Castillo – Promo Tape

These LA skins started off with a masterpiece of an EP right from the start. This release is a bit rawer than the first EP which sounds brilliant. The vocals are perfect and the soaring hooks of the guitar really set this band apart. I can’t wait for the next release. 

6 Ultra Sect – Echoes From The Past

Ultra Sect – Echoes From The Past

After three EPs I was buzzing to finally hear the Ultra Sect’s LP. Each song sounds different from the previous with top-notch lyrics and artwork. What makes these stand out is the brilliant musicianship. I couldn’t recommend it more!

7 Criminal Outfit – Time To Get Crucial EP

Hard as a box of blocks Oi! punk from LA with rockin’ guitar solos under each thumping riff. I can’t wait for the next release!

8 MESS / The Chisel – Split EP

Two of the heaviest names in this sound come together for the best split of the year in my opinion. I don’t think any band this year has recorded anything quite as perfect as Mexico’s MESS in regard to production. It’s pure perfection, I know they get compared to early Blitz a lot but I think that’s nothing a compliment. Shouty vocals with pretty little guitar lines. After The Chisel’s brilliant LP last year it’s great to hear them slap out two new tunes already. The Chisel does this sound brilliantly. Big hooks, hard and original. 

9 Schedule 1 – Self-Titled

Schedule 1 – Self-Titled

Sharing members of Dead Cells and Bishops Green I knew this would be something special when it came out. I’d call it a perfect mix of post-punk with big nods to French Oi!. Some gorgeous guitar tones on this LP as well.

10 Slugger – Self-Titled EP

This is in my top 3 releases of 2022 and probably the most listened to. It’s 100% perfect. When a record is raw with everyone playing perfectly and great vocals it makes for a masterpiece of a record. Which is what this 10-inch is. I love the guitar work on this record, the bass lines bounce through each song perfectly. I’m also a fiend for lyrics and these are genuine and thought-out lyrics. Can’t wait for the next release from these Cali titans. 

11 No Heart – Self Titled

No Heart – Self Titled

I have a special place in my greasy heart for No Heart. I’ve loved all of Mike Underwood’s projects from Last Crusade, Hard Graft, Off The Clock to No Heart. It’s pure throaty vocals on top of pretty mod-esque riffs with smart lyrics and a lot of heart.

12 Puffer – Live and Die In The City

From the first song, you know this demo is an absolute banger. Raw Oi! punk from Montreal. I love the catchy guitar work on this and it’s brilliant to see a band like this being released on a savage label like Roachleg which is more known for its raw hardcore punk. I love this demo!

13 Claimed Choice – We Won’t Give In

I can really hear The Templars in this release which is always a great thing. Every song is savage with some of the best bass playing I’ve heard in a good while! Some great street rock from France’s Lyon with a touch of a Mod feel.

14 Bishops Green – Black Skies

Bishops Green – Black Skies

Vancouver legends only put out solid gold so I always expect every release to be brilliant but the guitar work on this release is some really beautiful stuff. Adding an extra layer of beauty to Bishops Green while still being hard as nails. 

15 Syndrome 81 – Prisons Imaginaires

There’s a reason why this LP is on so many top releases of 2022. It’s just the perfect combination of Camera Silens/Blitz with a beautiful post-punk guitar work. In years to come, I think this record will be looked back at as a classic. I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

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