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Bernays Propaganda – Ništo nema da nè razdeli EP

Macedonian dance punk powerhouse warming things up for their upcoming 2019 album.

BPArtist: Bernays Propaganda

Title: Ništo nema da nè razdeli

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Moonlee Records

Among the thousands of radical bands that have passed through my headphones or stereo for the last decade, Bernays Propaganda is probably the only one my mom could endure for more than 10 minutes…  in fact, probably much more than 10 minutes! This is a huge compliment in case you didn’t get it.

“Ništo nema da nè razdeli” (Ништо нема да не раздели), Bernays’ new EP—recorded at their own Studio 1060 in Skopje—has its’ own blend of post-punk and indie that is sweet and very danceable. Three tracks that are quite pop-oriented while still carrying a message that cuts through—emotional, palatable, and on point. A minimalist approach to arrangements, lush and warm electronic sounds and mid-tempo songs that are catchy, yet somehow introverted.

This EP warms things up for the band’s upcoming LP “Druga mladost, treči svetski rat”, which is said to come out in autumn of 2019. The title song has guest appearances from Macedonian jazz guitarist Toni Kitanovski and none other than Minutemen’s own Mike Watt, very cool!

If you aren’t familiar with the Balkan scene, or you have slept under a stone for the last twelve years, Bernays Propaganda is one of the most important bands around. Make yourself a favor and catch up with their numerous releases. You won’t regret it and your mom would love it as well.

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