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Baton Rouge stream two new songs from “Totem”

Listen to two new Baton Rouge songs

Baton Rouge Totem

Our Lyonnaise friends Baton Rouge (feat. members of Daïtro, 12XU), announced that their new LP “Totem” is now mixed and mastered, waiting to be released in June 2014 by Purepainsugar (France), Adagio830 (Europe) and Bakery Outlet (U$A). Vinyl rules but for the fans of CDs there will be also a CD version by Long Legs Long Arms (Japan).

It took us 2 years and a half to have its writing finished and during that time, we tried new things, discovered tons of amazing bands who gave us tons of new ideas… so don’t expect anything!

Two of the songs are already online on bandcamp and I will listen to them hundreds of times until June.

There’s also a video to the song “Cours Tolstoï”, filmed and edited by Arnaud Payen.

Check our interview with Julien at the peak of Daïtro’s fame and buy the new releases by Echo Canyon Records (Red Gloves, Daïtro’s “Y” reissue, Veuve SS, Zero Gain, Torino, Sed Non Satiata…)

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