Barräkas / Progrecidio – Split CD-r

The latest EPs of two crust-as-fuck bands from Latin America combined in a single record

barrakas progrecidio split cdr

Artists: Barräkas, Progrecidio

Title: Split CD-r

Release: CD-r

Year: 2013

Label: Keardan!, Ediciones Piratas, Punk y Anarkia, Logica Ciega, Beneficio Interno, Cryptas Records, Dias Mas Oscuros, Anarcopunk Distro, and more

The latest EPs of two crust-as-fuck bands from Latin America combined in a single record. They also have a split tape with these recordings but I’ve got the CD-r version thanks to an Argentinian friend.

Barräkas is an anarcho-punk/crust band from Costa Rica. Six tracks from their “En Duelo a Muerte con lo Existente” EP of raw and extremely crude anarchist punk with a repetitive d-beat drumming and awful production. Lyrics about DIY ethics, antinationalism, rage and desperation. They remind me of Resist And Exist’s early records, which is actually something really cool.

Progrecidio is a band from Argentina. They also appear on this record with 6 tracks, taken from their “Hacia el Colapso de la Humanidad” EP. Progrecidio play some of the most primitive and raw crust I’ve ever heard. They are much darker and desperate than Barräkas, reminding me of some Greek bands like Xaotiko Telos, comparisons with the sound of more “famous” bands could be made with Hiatus, Misery, Nausea, early Warcollapse.

Both bands growl in Spanish but there are also English and French translations in the lyrics sheet. Crude production, very political message. South American bands filled with rage against the system.

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