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Here it is, the second of my short entries about records I’ve checked out in the last few days.

First is the full length album of the Chileans from En Mi Defensa. I’ve heard them first at last year’s Fluff Fest where they played two sets (one on the tent stage and one on the open stage). This is passionate melodic hardcore with lyrics in Spanish. As far as I remember no one in the band spoke any English and someone had to translate their stage banter. This album dates back from 2011, so definitely not a new one, but surely something not many people noticed while it was definitely worth it!

Ten Forward is a kind of all star band with peeps from the Massachusetts scene. They’ve recorded 3 songs of melodic punk hardcore that are released only as a digital download through Get Stoked Records (hailing from Virginia, USA). I was really blowed away how catchy and energetic those 3 songs are and I demand more!

I saved the harshest band for dessert. It’s The King Is Blind from the UK. The metal dudes at Terrorizer described them as “pulling in influences from Death and Doom, to touches of Black and more traditional heavy metal without ever sounding forced or derivative”. I can say they were quite on spot on with this description! The King Is Blind may be too metalic for some hardcore kids, but it’s never too late to experiment with your music taste, right?

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